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Who here thinks teachers should be paid more to start?(Edit)

Unfortunately, Administrators and many Public Leaders are NOT Raising Their Hand(Edit)

Why does the salary for administrators vary from district to district but starting teacher salaries are consistent?

Dan Milligan is a typical Administrator found in public schools that doesn't care that teachers start out around 35,000 per year while districts compete for administrators. Schools know that the more they pay people the better quality candidates they attract. But districts don't care about finding quality teachers. They don't care about paying them.

Isn't the State Responsible for Paying Teachers?(Edit)

In Arizona, everyone pays taxes to the state and about half of those taxes go towards education. So first of all, Arizona is pledging a significant portion of tax dollars to education. Second of all, the state cannot tell districts how to spend the money. When Doug Doucy cut the Administrative budget and moved the funds to the Classroom budget, administrators predictably cried about it because that was a pay cut for them and a pay raise for teachers and students.

In short, the state is putting plenty of money into education and cannot dictate teacher salaries.

Who Then is Responsible for Paying Teachers?(Edit)

The districts. You can google any district and "salary schedule" (for example, "chandler unified school district salary schedule") and you find information how how teacher salaries for that district are calculated. This is how my chart was put together. You can see how they pay teachers and how they pay administrators.

How Can Cash Strapped Districts Pay for Teachers?(Edit)

I'm glad you asked. Remember in November of 2015 when you voted for or against bonds and overrides? Districts have the ability to calculate their financial needs and put out ballot measures to request funds from the community to pay for those financial needs.

Chandler raised 100,000 per full time teacher.

Tempe raise 70,000 per full time teacher.

JO Combs wanted 200,000 per full time teacher.

Despite calculating a significant amount of money per teacher, none of those districts pledged any serious raises to any of their teaching staff.

The District Administrators consistently fail to calculate serious teacher salaries and refuse to raise funds to pay them properly.

The state simply cannot tell districts how to craft ballot measures or how much money they need to request from their community. And in fact, when a district crafts a ballot measure and claims the money is for any particular things, that is not legally binding. Districts can spend the funds however they want despite what the ballot measure claimed.

It's up to you to demand that districts pay their teachers properly. That districts fix their salary schedules. It's up to you to demand that proper ballot measures are written to be voted on. It's up to you to demand that districts do what they promise.

It's time to be done with miserable wages for people you expect to educate your children and every other child in this state.